IPSA Concealer black makeup crystal makeup Cream Moisturizing makeup makeup Concealer Black Crystal Powder Cream 16g

Color, net content, yellow tone one white # suitable for white and warm complexion, cold tone one white # suitable for white complexion, cold tone two white # suitable for natural and warm complexion, warm tone natural # suitable for neutral and warm complexion, textured complexion # suitable for wheat complexion, pink tone one white # suitable for white and red skin,,,

It's a good idea to buy back a set of sports clothes. It's a good idea to buy back a set of sports clothes. As a result, it's not very expensive! It's very suitable for summer. It's thin and the material feels very comfortable. I recommend you to buy it! Whether the size is appropriate: the child is about 163 and weighs about 63kg. The XL clothes bought are very suitable and close to the body. Style type: the style is very good-looking, and the children are very handsome. Fabric type: soft fabric, cucumber, good air permeability. High cost performance. My height and weight: the child is about 162 and weighs about 62 kg. Bought XL. Fit: fit and comfortable to wear. Fabric type: this fabric is very soft and smooth. Practical feeling: I tried it on too. It's very soft and comfortable. Good breathability, fit and cost-effective. After all, it's cost-effective to buy a suit of clothes for more than 50. Thickness: it's not very thin, but it's also very good. This dress looks very good, feels very good, and the material feels good. Anyway, I like it very much. I like this dress very much. I like it very much. It's OK. It's relatively thin! It's just that the quality and workmanship are not good!

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